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Ultra high-definition television systems from WAKEFIELDS

Ultra-high-definition or 4K televisions are now becoming the standard among many of our customers to enjoy a range of TV and movies. It delivers a vastly improved viewing experience, delivering clearer, brighter and more vivid colours.

We provide guidance on choosing the correct size and model of television for each area of your home. We’ll take into account your preferred mounting position, and install accordingly whether that be on a wall, on a stand or hidden within a cabinet on a motorised mechanism.

We’ll always connect an aerial and cable plus a high-speed Internet link so that you can get all the free-to-air and online catch-up and subscription content available in new televisions.

We’re also the regional specialists in multi-room video system. These allow sources such as satellite boxes, movie servers, Apple TV, DVD/Blu-Ray, CCTV or photo libraries to be available for viewing across multiple rooms right across your home. A single system can enable mum and dad to watch a box-set in the lounge, whilst the kids watch different TV shows from their bedrooms.

Satellite receivers, movie servers and other video devices such as Apple TV can be hidden out of view and still available throughout your home in full high definition. This type of solution ensures that you are always watching your content in the best picture quality available without having lots of equipment cluttering up your home or compromising the room’s interiors.

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