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Our Services: Automatic Blinds & Curtains

Automatic Curtains and Blinds for your home from WAKEFIELDS

All window treatments are available in our Blind and shade options. Full automation of roller blinds, Venetian, Roman, curtain tracks both curved and straight, centre draw or side draw. Even some inventive new window treatments that you may not be familiar with – such as the Lutron Kirbe Vertical Curtain which looks like a ripple fold curtain, but lifts up out of the way like a blind, great for certain spaces where you have folding doors, French doors etc.

All of these can be operated from the wall mounted keypads or one of our Smart-Home tablets.

Windows can have more than one treatment too – you might have a sheer blind for daytime use, to protect artwork or minimise the heat/glare coming through the glass; and then have an additional privacy blind for an evening so that no one can see in, giving you comfort and security.

The integration of both electronic lighting and daylight – via the various blinds, curtains and other window treatments – means that we really do have complete control over lighting, natural or otherwise, from one centralised system. where you want more detailed operation of the home systems – as well as being able to use the Control App on your Smartphone or tablet.

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