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Dimmable Mood Lighting from WAKEFIELDS

Lighting is one of the most important considerations that impact a room’s visual identity. A room full of wonderful things, but lit in an uninteresting and uninspiring way can be quite uninviting. Whilst a simple room well lit can easily become the most loved room in your home.

By using well-chosen light fittings you can add drama or calmness to a room, which plays a large role in how you use the space. Lighting can also be strategically fitted in your stairway or corridor to highlight interesting features such as your art collection.

‘Set the scene’ of how the room should look – when you are in an active mood, relaxing, just passing through. Or when you want the room to just have a touch of low lighting that shows off its’ features but blends into the background. You can also integrate lighting and daylight via the various blinds, curtains and other window treatments.

There are significant energy savings from being able to dim lighting circuits that can make a big difference to your energy bills. Using PIR (motion) sensors in hallways or rooms such as utility rooms, bathrooms etc.

We can also have the system replay how you would normally live in the house whilst you are away – so lights and blinds come on and move as if you were home under the so-called ‘Holiday Mode’.

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